The Empopadorium of Fine Art & Music

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The fine sculptural art and fine digital art and binaural beat ambient music of Morey & Hobby

Examples of the work of Hobby. The sculptural work is not for sale.  Such work is created only on a commission basis.

Frogfish carved from the finest turquoise inlaid with silver, gold and jewels with a polished rainbow opal tongue sitting on a golden oyster shell base inlaid with pearls and tourmaline cabachons.

Alien Head carved from selenite and inlaid with a little gold and jewels. The Flying Saucer is turned from Thuya wood set with semi precious cabachons.

The Art critic and writie Mell Gooding once described Hobby's sculptural work as being the new Faberge and said one day his work will find its niche.

You can see some more examples of the sculptural work on the CDLP page along with digital artwork of the CDLP's  and some other digital artworks by Hobby.

The digital artwork is available for sale, enquiries invited.

Entire profits of all sales will be transferred into an irrevocable living trust for parrots.   The music is available on one hour long picture disc CDLP's .  Morey creates his music in his own unique way called 'jigsaw music'  where you can play two entirely different CD's on two hi fi systems with four speakers, playing the CDs simultaneously at any random points to create your own unique piece of music. You can experience this by setting two of the music players to the right playing at the same time and stop and start one anywhere you like.

Examples of our collaborations in art and music can be viewed and listened to on this link :-

A large selection of the picture disc CDLP's by Morey accompanied by another of his compositions can be see seen and heard on this link :-   and enter the password 'princess'

Entire profits of all sales will be transferred into an irrevocable living trust for parrots.

For initial enquiries please go to the  'Contact Us'  tab at the top and send us an email.

The photograph above is Hobby presenting H.M Queen Elizabetth II with a stained glass sculpture her majesty accepted into her collection at a ceremony to comemorate a new stained glass window at Sherborne Abbey in May 1998    

You can see a photograph of the stained glass window on this link :-[email protected]/6382402647/

and here :-

You can see a 7 minute video of the unique sculptures Hobby has created over the past two decades, all the property of an animal trust, here

On this link you can see our prototype for the 21st century Laser Lava Lamp, using a pico laser projector to project Hobby's animated digital artwork into a tall dome  :-

On this link you can see a remarkable interactive laser device invented by Morey & Hobby :-

All the work displayed here is unique, the sculptures are limited editions of ONE

'Hypercubus revelations'  from a series of artworks based on the painting 'corpus hypercubus'  by Salvador Dali

Available in sizes up to 2 metres x  1 metre

'The Flight home to Love' available in all sizes

lee robert (lee robert's Album)
morey (PRINCE MOTO-MAJIKA's Album)
morey (PRINCE MOTO-MAJIKA's Album)